Sunday, 16 June 2019

A Postcard Perfect Wedding - Lost Village of Dode

Photo by Belle Art Photography

Last week, I was lucky enough to see one of my favourite couples get married and we made a little deal that I would write a blog post about them. Deal aside, I actually love these guys and I had such a great time that I really really wanted to share my thoughts and some of these gorgeous pictures on here anyway. So... Congratulations Ingy and Eddie, you hosted the most magical wedding and I am so so happy I got to share your special day with you.


Wednesday, 29 May 2019

How I got into my dream career

I am one of the lucky people who get to say that they are working in an industry they love, training to do the role they actually want to do. It's not often that in your early twenties you get to say this. Most of us are still figuring out what we even want to do and I know how tough that can be. Stuck in a job you don't like, wondering where you're going to be in the next five years because you can't even settle on where you want to be right now. I'm going to go into detail about how I got myself out of a job I hated and into a job I am now absolutely loving. This is a little bit of a longer one, so you might want to get yourself a cup of tea (Twinings English breakfast of course!) and settle in for a detailed, tell-all read!
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