Saturday, 9 June 2018

How To Dress For Work

I've seen a lot of people struggling to dress for work. Very unpleasantly straddling the line between casual and corporate. What is stylish outside of work is not always going to work in the office, no matter how many times you push it to. As you probably know, I love smart, tailored dressing. I think it looks classic, chic and incredibly presentable. So why would you try to dress down if you can dress up?

Below, I've added pictures of some of my favourite work wear looks and why. I'll be tackling not only what to wear, but how to wear it and why. So if you want to know a little bit more about dressing corporate chic, then keep reading. 

The Blazer

I wear blazers both inside and outside of work because I just love the way they look. You can wear something very plain underneath - like a vest top and jeans - and as soon as you put on a blazer, you look effortlessly polished. You'll find blazers everywhere, but getting the right fit is really important. I like my blazers to have shoulder pads for a more structured look and the placing of the buttons or button is really important too. For example, with a longline blazer, the buttons might be slightly lower down which gives it a more relaxed look. On my red and white blazers, the buttons are higher up so that they can cinch you in at the waist. Another tip of mine is to go for a statement blazer - whether that's in terms of the colour or the detail. My red blazer is such a good high street dupe for the Balmain blazer worth £1500! And white on dark skin is just unreal

Peplum hem or loose fit tops

Because I have wide hips, wearing a top that flares out from the waist is really flattering on my shape. It gives me a rounded silhouette instead of a misshapen one, covers any love handles or muffin tops you may have and just nips you in at the waist. Also, you can eat the whole canteen for lunch and nobody has to see your food baby afterwards!

Wear a tailored dress

Anything shapeless is just a no for work. Shift and t-shirt style dresses? Absolutely not. I always opt for a skater dress, as again I can show off the smallest part of my body whilst letting the fabric skim over my smaller half. I have a wrap dress, but I think these are more flattering on figures with a wider bust. Same for a square neckline. I like dresses with a high neck that fit and flare or fit me in a pencil style down to my knees. Any shorter and they accentuate the size of my thighs which I absolutely do not want to do!

Tuck your blouse in

People not tucking their shirts or blouses in is a huge pet peeve of mine in the office, especially women. It just looks so incredibly scruffy if you don't tuck your top in. It looks like you threw something on in a rush and just basically couldn't be bothered to put any real effort in to your outfit. When you tuck your blouse in, you look polished. You're creating a nicer silhouette for yourself and you look more expensive. My only exception to this is with a blouse like the one I am wearing below, which has a shaped hem and falls in a particular way that makes it unsuitable for tucking in without coming out during the day. My favourite places to buy blouses are Zara and H&M.

Find the right pair of trousers

If you need to tuck your blouse in then you need to make sure you have the right pair of trousers for your shape. The smallest part of my body is my waist, so I make sure that all of the trousers I wear are high-waisted in order to draw attention to this. Something that sits on my hips is not going to be flattering as it will just make me look shapeless overall. This is the same for cigarette trousers too. As my hips are slightly wider I always size up in this style, but the tie around the waist allows me to draw it in and still showcase my figure at the same time. I got the perfect pair of work trousers in Gap and am now hunting for another one as sadly I had to let that pair go. I would always invest in a work trouser as it's not something you'll ever not need or not wear. 

Find the right shoes

I am on the hunt for a new pair of patent leather brogues because I used to LIVE in mine. They suit with skirts and dresses, they were so comfortable, perfect for rainy weather or warm weather. They were just my favourite pair of shoes and then I wore them to death. When you're buying heels for work, I think you should always opt for a higher heel rather than a lower one unless your heels are slightly more of a block heel than normal. Higher heels elongate your legs girls! Also, a pointed heel looks a lot more mature than a rounded one. I wouldn't recommend investing in heels. You really realise how quickly a pair of heels can go bad when you're wearing them everyday. Also, you might want a couple of different colours or styles so buying a few cheap ones is better than spending a ton. For flat shoes, I would always recommend investing. I get a lot of shoes from Kurt Geiger - when they have a sale, their prices are really affordable for great quality pieces.

Experiment with bold pieces

Corporate dressing is often boring. Lots of whites and blacks. Take the opportunity to experiment with a brightly coloured blazer, some bold ruffle details in your blouses, a frill hem skirt or a new printed pair of trousers. I have quite a few statement work wear pieces and I love it because it makes me stand out in the office! I always get lots of compliments on the things I wear and really, all I do is choose pieces that both fit my style and are going to look different to what everybody else is wearing.

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